Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Solidarity when one least expects it.

Who would have thought that a lecture on Milton and singularity could feel so immediately, deeply, richly affirming? It was such a great lecture that I didn't even mind missing the sunset, and thereby having to swipe one of yesterday's shots in order to give you some loveliness tonight. (I did get some excellence this afternoon, too, but I'm going to use it tomorrow. Sometimes handing out images is so complicated, but always in a good way.)

I know it's not really a good idea to look directly at the sun, even to look at it through a camera, but last night it went down so hugely and goldenly into that copse of trees (which, in turn, metamorphosed into something like my home fields when I looked at the picture) that I just kept shooting.

And any day when I score nearly a thousand words of writing--that's a day that I'm going to feel good about having made.


Blogger Notorious Ph.D. said...

1,000 words?!? New words? Okay, you rock.

BTW, don't have your contact info, but ID has asked me to accompany him to an Event in a Certain Small Midwestern Town late spring/early summer. If you'll be back stateside by then, would love to meet up with you.

notoriousphd at mac dot com, if you'd like.

1:17 PM, February 28, 2008  

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