Friday, August 22, 2008

I beg to differ.

When I saw this message writ large on the departmental chalkboard this morning, I knew that none of my colleagues had written it, because we are not liars.

This evening, I re-learned the joys of SPLASHING. Splashing in the sink! Splashing with the faucet! Splashing while holding a toothbrush! Splashing whilst someone stealthily washes your entire body without removing your clothing! (That last part was just me: the little one kept on pishposhsplishsploshing in the water at her feet; I sang her a song about how I was washing her ankles! and her toes! and her neck! and her ears!) This evening, she learned an ON/OFF game with hats. She also learned that flowered shorts make excellent floppy hats and can even prompt one's parents to don a towel-bandanna and a colander, just so everyone can wear a hat before dinner.

See how it is that I know that we do rule, in and out of school? Yeah. I thought you did.


Blogger BadassMama said...

Thank you for bathing my daughter! Now, of course, she wants to splash all day long :)

Like my new name? Hope Blogger lets me keep it!

12:57 PM, August 23, 2008  
Blogger four inches of ego said...

I am so looking forward to hats.

We shall have to get these two together someday; perhaps for some cavorting on Middle Path.

5:21 PM, August 23, 2008  

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