Monday, August 11, 2008

Full heart.

Today, I learned what it looks like when one's tire goes flat while one is washing the car. And then I learned (by watching the dear friend who came to my rescue) how to change a flat.

This is to say that some parts of the day were not really so good.

But then

I learned, once again, what a deep joy it is to have this face squinch into a toothy smile when I walk into a room. After months of Skyping, I wasn't really sure how she would respond to seeing me in the flesh every day. So far, so good: today we had lessons in eating blueberries, riding the adult-sized Sit 'n Spin in tandem, using the mailbox on a play house, doing downward-facing dog together, and allowing one's parents quiet time for unpacking the wardrobe boxes. I continue to harbor hopes that I will somehow be able to help teach her to be restful, even as I re-learn that myself, in this new old place.


Blogger KYlitprof said...

I really am delighted that you can now be a more active part of her life (and ours). It was always clear to me that she adored you, but now you two can do more together. It is even more delightful (if a smidge bittersweet) that I do not always need to mediate that interaction! Thanks.

And yes, I need to come up with a new username!

7:22 PM, August 12, 2008  
Blogger Gryphon said...

Oh, she's beautiful! And so lucky to have you in her daily life. . . Aquababy and parents wish you could be here, too!

9:44 AM, August 14, 2008  

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