Sunday, May 20, 2007


"What do professors do during vacations?" a classroom of my students once asked me. "We get put back on our hangers and hung up in our closets," I told them. They waited patiently for the bad joke to end and the truth to be doled out. "We do pretty much the same things you do," I finally said.

On the day after graduation, that means: sleeping late. Talking on the phone. Driving to the city. Picking up friends at the dance studio. Eating too much at the Italian restaurant. Seeing a great new movie. Eating unusually flavored wonderful ice cream. Laughing hard over said ice cream at a sidewalk table. Driving home in the dark.

And now, going to bed early.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am reading "Gentlemen and Players," about a private school and a murder, and at the end of the chapter I read at lunch, the narrator mentions that his students seem surprised to see their teacher outside of the school walls, in the pub or at the barber's. He mentions that the students must think teachers are hung up on coat hangers for the weekend. I wonder at the synchronicity of the world sometimes.

3:06 PM, May 21, 2007  

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